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How I led the frontend development of a FinTech company

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    |July 7 2022
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I led the frontend development of a customer-facing and merchant-facing e-commerce/FinTech solution which facilitated synchronized sales data across multiple channels (e.g. Woo-Commerce and Point of Sale (P.O.S) outlets in multiple locations) with internal tools for administrative management e.g. handling Know Your Customer (K.Y.C) processes.

About the company

The company is Kloud Commerce (formerly PayPecker), a Unified commerce solution for small, medium and large scale businesses, helping to improve B2B, B2C, D2C operations across different sales channels and outlets for effective synchronisation and integrations.

A UK registered E-commerce/Fin-Tech solution company which operated in Nigeria and Ghana with plans to expand to a couple of other countries in Africa while I was working with the company.

My Impact

As the Frontend Lead for the company, I collaboratively pioneered the development of the product with the below solutions:

  • A customisable multi-store and multi-outlet e-commerce solution for a seamless shopping to checkout to payment experience for customers.
  • A payment modal SDK with multiple options including Card, USSD, MoMo (Mobile Money) and Bank Transfer.
  • A Merchant/Retailer facing back-office for managing their stores, orders, payments as well as other day-to-day operations & settings.
  • Internal tools like an admin portal for managing K.Y.C processes and other administrative operations.
  • Development of third party integration systems/plugins for recording offline sale on P.O.S systems like Retailman and online systems like Woo-commerce.

We were able to successfully deliver these features within our timeline by leveraging modern technologies such as ReactJS and NextJS which were primarily used for the website, NuxtJS and VueJS for the payment modal SDK, e-commerce solution, and admin portals.

All these led to a successful pre-seed of $765,000 USD raised.

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