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Multi store e-commerce app

Multi store e-commerce app
  • 1 min read
    |February 14 2023
    • dev
    • product-design

Problem statement

  • As a merchant: when acquiring multiple outlets or expanding to multiple other locations, managing multiple online stores across different platforms can become tidious and difficult to manage.
  • As a customer: I may want to shop from my favorite merchant on a singular platform, track my orders and my details, get updates when a new location opens up and easily shop from there for myself or for a friend close-by.


I have built a work-in-progress multi-store e-commerce proof of concept app that can allow a merchant manage their products/inventory, orders, accept payments, as well as other operational settings while the customer can create an account or login, manage their cart, account details and order history.

The minified version can be found on this live link.

Major Technologies and design system used:

  • TailwindCSS
  • NuxtJS
  • Typescript
Dorai UI starter template

Dorai UI Starter Template

DoraiUI is an Accessible, unstyled, open-sourced and fully functional react component library for building design systems.

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PeCrio Consultancy Website

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